Andrew M Vincent

21/12/1954 – 01/02/2022

It is with profound sadness and a heavy heart that I share with you the news that Andrew; Co-Founder and CEO of Nova Vida passed away peacefully at home in Portugal, with his devoted ‘wifey’; Sally by his side, on February 1st, 2022.

Andrew was many things to many people, and I would like to invite you to share what he meant to you and the impact he had on your life in the guestbook below.

After Andrew got sober over 28 years ago, he made it his life’s mission to help others find their freedom from addiction. For over 25 years he has been a shining beacon to hundreds of addicts and in turn their families. If Andrew was a part of your journey in life, you will know full well, he didn’t have to knock your walls down with a sledgehammer. Instead, he made you feel safe enough to tear them down yourself. And, in his very unassuming way, he was there waiting for you, to point you in the right direction. That’s just who he was in every aspect of his life.


As per Andrew’s wishes there will not be a public service, just as in life he will leave us humbly and simply and will rest under the olive tree with D for dog. Donations may be made in Andrew’s name to Cancer research

Our love goes to Sally at this sad and difficult time, she is being comforted by her boys, Doug and Grant, and their wives and children.

Sally would like to thank Andrew’s medical team at Gambelas Hospital, Dr Heleena, Nurse Judi and his home palliative care team.


If you can keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs and blaming it on you, If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you, But make allowance for their doubting too; If you can wait and not be tired by waiting, Or being lied about, don't deal in lies, Or being hated, don't give way to hating, And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master, If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim; If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster And treat those two impostors just the same; If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools, Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken, And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:

If you can make one heap of all your winnings And risk it all on one turn of pitch-and-toss, And lose, and start again at your beginnings And never breathe a word about your loss; If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew To serve your turn long after they are gone, And so hold on when there is nothing in you Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue, Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch, If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you, If all men count with you, but none too much; If you can fill the unforgiving minute With sixty seconds' worth of distance run, Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it, And - which is more - you'll be a Man, my son!

Rudyard Kipling

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Adam Davies
Sally, and everyone at NV - I am so deeply sorry for your loss. Andrew was gentle, kind, firm and patient. Without him, and NV, I would not be sitting writing this message. And so, as sad as I am to hear of his passing, I am also eternally grateful that I was in his capable hands during my recovery. A life, a marriage, a future - saved - all in large part to Andrew.

He will be missed. And you are all in my thoughts. Especially Sally, who was the Yin to Andrew's Yang.

Wendy C
Finally, I can find the words to say Thank you to Andrew and Sally and all that Nova Vida have to me.

Andrew was such an understated, wise, and intuitive man whom I trusted implicitly. There is no magic wand to turn your life around, but Andrew certainly showed me the tools to allow me to better manage.

He used such thought provoking phrases one of which is that “ you know your own Truth” we certainly do and in Grey moments I have used this phrase to reassure myself that I did my best and all will be well.

I still do not like to experience certian feelings, but Andrew mindful of your wise worlds I try I really do try.

Your resting place sounds idyllic.

Thank you once again Wendy
Fiona M
I am so sorry not to have written earlier. I have been so devastated by your news about Andrew that ~ I didn’t know what to communicate.

Andrew was such a wonderful, caring man. He hid behind this extra cool exterior but he really did care about everybody he treated and he had a very dry sense of humour which sometimes took a while to understand. He was very funny and I loved him as a friend and carer. I have never known such kindness from anyone. I think he began to build my confidence in men.

He was so very kind to me - as were you - picking me up from Sevilla airport. I very much enjoyed those trips with you and learned a lot about your close relationship with Andrew - with it’s ups and downs and you both created a wonderful marriage and a rehab centre to help others.

He was also very generous - allowing me to come to your rehab without paying for a month and he was very faithful in chatting to me once a week.

i am heartbroken for you.
Miguel (Tai Chi instructor)
My great sincerely condolences
I hope the magic olive tree of Andrew gives you the strengh to keep forward in this new path with all the love of the world that is in you already
You Will be Always in my heart
Mario Salvador
I can't imagine how you must feel, but I want to give my condolences to you and the family.I want you to know that you can count on my friendship and support, and anytime I can be of help, please just say the word.
You all left good memories and where a part of a great time in my life. Thanks for that and thats how I'll remember you all and Andrew
Lydia Ram
My pad was dark when I came to Nova Vida. 3 months later I came out with hope and trust.
5 years later I lost again hope and trust. I asked Andrew for help. They took me in without any hesitation
The safe environment , treatment, patience made it possible to get back on the track.
And then for the 3 time I relapsed. One sentence was enough for Vincrnt and Sally
to pick me up again.
Andrew you did so much for me.
I was lucky to meet you in my life.
A good man passed away.
You have a special place in my
Walter C & Jane
I'm really sorry to hear that. Hope you are doing well as possible in the circumstances. Even though it was a peaceful end it is still not easy. Lots of love x
Samuel Akainyah
I will be forever grateful for the compassion, care, love and understanding that Andrew showed to me. He will be missed.
James (Belguim)
Super sad but also glad peaceful and you were holding his hand. Have been waiting to message you as been expecting our baby daughter any day since last Tuesday and wanted to send you a pic with my message, but she still hasn’t come. Truth is she wouldn’t be coming at all if it weren’t for you and Andrew so I owe her to you guys and his memory will always be in her for me. Let you know when have news and send a pic. Take care and speak again soon.
James (London)
I’m so sorry to hear that. Andrew was a true inspiration for so many people including myself, he will be deeply missed and all the good he has done for so many will not be forgotten. I’m so glad he passed away peacefully and if there’s anything can do don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you for letting me know, my thoughts are with you, look after yourself. Please keep in touch.
Sérgio & Trudie Rosa de Carvalho
We are so sorry to hear that Andrew past away, we would like to give our sincere condolences to Sally and the family. We met Andrew only once when we flew over from Holland to Nova Vida for a family instruction meeting. There he taught us the importance of 'tough love' to be shown to our daughter. Unfortunately , in that stage, she didn't succeed to fulfill the Nova Vida program and had to leave. But Andrew never left her! During many years he was always reachable and supportive when needed. We are really grateful for help. We only spent one day together, but we never forgot Andrew and we never will!
It was with deep sadness that I learned the news of Andrew's passing. Words cannot describe the place he holds in my life. He helped me tremendously in a critical time of my life, and helped me make decisions that have made me a more fulfilled and personally gratified human being, who gained confidence and able to develop emotionally intimate relationships. Without his help in helping me get through an emotional breakthrough, I doubt that I would be in a position today where I'm happily married to the love of my life. Sally, my deepest and most sincere condolences to you and the entire Nova Vida family. Andrew will forever live in our hearts.
Sarah Campbell
I felt so sad to hear of Andrew's death. My thoughts are with Sally, Doug, Grant and Alex, and with everyone who's lives were touched by Andrew. Andrew was an amazing man, and I always experienced him as fair, kind, honest, challenging (in a good way), firm when needed and with a great sense of humour and playfulness. He, and the team at Nova Vida, helped me feel safe for the first time in my life, and to learn that feeling safe also meant I was accountable for myself. Andrew played a huge role in me still being alive today, and not only alive, but having an interesting life , which I enjoy, and me now being a person I respect and like a huge amount. Getting to this point began with Andrew, Alex and Sally, and I will always be eternally grateful. Andrew had a massive impact on my life, as I know he did on many lives, and I hope that impact continues now he has gone. Sending love to Alex, Sally and his family
Karen Villez
Dear Sally, my sincere condolences on the passing away of Andrew. He was a great and wonderfull man!!! One out off a million! I will never forget him! Lots off love and a very big, big hugg!! Xxx
Dear Sally, I am so sorry to hear of your loss, please accept our heartfelt condolences.

Andrew was a lovely man, he helped me a lot and in fact he still does, I often recall our conversations and his counsel.
Marianne Caine
Andrew offered to be my mentor in 2012 after I had not long come out if a recovery programme. He and Niva Vida have been a huge part of my recovery and so so many others in the Algarve. After I relapsed in 2018 I went to Nova Vida for a few sessions of therapy where I saw him on the stairs and he simply told me "your going to be absolutely fine". Them simple words stuck with me. I am now nearly 3 years absolutely happy and sober! Huge huge loss for many people. Loads of love Sally and Alex also. Xx
Marianne Caine
Andrew offered to be my mentor in 2012 after I had not long come out if a recovery programme. He and Niva Vida have been a huge part of my recovery and so so many others in the Algarve. After I relapsed in 2018 I went to Nova Vida for a few sessions of therapy where I saw him on the stairs and he simply told me "your going to be absolutely fine". Them simple words stuck with me. I am now nearly 3 years absolutely happy and sober! Huge huge loss for many people. Loads of love Sally and Alex also. Xx
Mary Hall and Mark Hall
Sincere condolences to Sally and Alex, our thoughts are with you at this sad time.

We are forever indebted to you all for the help you gave to Laura, your kindness and compassion. You were the first people to ever see all Laura's problems and you gave her the confidence and support to carry on with her life. Without Andrew,Sally and Alex I think it doubtful Laura would be with us today and know your teachings still help her cope with life.

What a great loss RIP Andrew
Laura Hall
My heartfelt sympathy’s to Sally and Alex.

May you rest in peace knowing you changed the lives of so many people. I take this opportunity to thank you for giving me a chance to fight the disease of addiction, without you, Alex, Sally and all the team I wouldn’t have had that chance.
You are and were one of a kind with such a nice personality, caring of others more than yourself.
Thank you so much , you will live on in us all.
RIP god bless xxx
Don & Vimla Deolia
Dear Sally - Our sincere condolences upon Andrew's departure.He will be sorely missed. Just can't forget your visit to India and our time spent travelling to Rajasthan, Our plan to visit you both in Portugal will remain unfulfilled. May his soul rest in peace. We are all here for you in this moment of your loss.
Hermanu Pieper
So very sorry to hear Sally god bless stay well.yr in my thoughts. Xx
Anna Gerloff
Dear Sally, all my thoughts are with you and your family these days. We both are so incredibly sad but also grateful to have known Andrew.
Vivian Sandford
I was devastated to hear that Andrew has passed and I send you my most heartfelt sympathy.

I will be sober now for 3 years tomorrow (the day I arrived at Nova Vida). I will never forget the kindness you showed me when you collected me from the airport, a broken person, I left one month later stuck back together.

Everyone at Nova Vida wrapped me in kindness, I will never forget my time there, my refuge. I used to joke with Andrew on our calls that you must have sent magic dust through the ventilators that made people well!

Andrew was such a wonderful counsellor with a great sense of humour and great sense of normality. I continued telephone counselling until about this time last year. Andrew must have known I was ready to “fly solo” and left it to me to call if I needed to. I always knew he was at the end of the phone if I did need him, thankfully I didn’t, but to hear he is no longer here to spread his wisdom is difficult to take in.

All I can say is thank you Andrew from the bottom of my heart you changed and saved my life.
Silke Rocha
What Andrew ment to me..... he turned from the more distant counselour at Nova Vida - well, I ended up with Alex (I love you, Alex, you were exactly what I needed) ... to me Andrew seemed the good cop, Alex seemed the bad cop - to a loved, important part of my life, who knew everything about me, I shared with him what I would not share with anyone, Andrew showed me ways in his own, as Alex so well puts it, very diplomatic way, how to get access to even more hidden pain, unpleasent memories, harmful experiences and guided me into my own solutions, into how to deal with it. Always calm, always kind. Andrew and Alex, Sally and all at Nova Vida helped my family to heal, to grow, to be what we are today.
I today know, thanks to the fantastic counceling, after care, and personal loving care for me at Nova Vida, that it is all about me doing my job, making my decisions, dealing with my consequences, that it is my way that can change the world`s way, this is the impact Andrew had on my life.
We even went on an adventure together, USA, Grand Canyon, I would not have done it without him and the help of Nova Vida in all aspects. On that trip we suffered together, we laughed together and I felt honoured being allowed to see a vulnerable part of Andrew, as he saw all of my vulnerability on that adventure. Than trip changed my life again, gave it more to think about and where I need to change, and Andrew has been there ever since.
I am thinking of you Sally, our Nova Vida Mom and beautiful soul, always there, always caring, I will keep the memory of you, Andrew and me sitting on your terrasse in summer 2021 forever in my heart.
Andrew will live forever in my heart, as he is part of me through all the changes I was able to make, I will give my best to honour him in my decisions, actions, will try to become a better, more useful to people in need version of myself, I think that is the impact he had on my life and that of my family
Rest in peace, Andrew, I know you are smiling down at us
Daphne McGinnie
Sally, I wish I could put my arms around you And give you a big hug! I was devastated to learn that your lovely Andrew had passed away on the 1st February. When I received your last email I had really hoped that after his diagnosis last June you might have a longer time together but, as in Terry’s case in July 2014, it was only to be just over 6 months. In both situations one is left with the unanswerable question - why him, and why now, when he had so much more to accomplish, and so many more lives to save and to change? I hope that you will be able to draw comfort from knowing that Andrew saved so many from the tyranny and confines of addiction.
I know that it was Terry’s great privilege to help Andrew in any way he could with the work of Nova Vida and was proud to establish the Monday evening After Care sessions in our home.
Terry and I also so much enjoyed Andrew staying with us during the UKESAD conferences held in London and I still have the canvas bag Terry brought home with him and which had originally contained brochures of treatment centres. We always worried about Andrew starting off the day with only a black coffee!
I also remember our shared passion for the Bernie Gunther novels and have the very last book that Philip Kerr wrote - “Metropolis” - still sitting on my bedside table, 4 years after it was published in 2018, my reading habit having sadly suffered after Terry died. However, as homage to both our beloved and remarkable husbands, I will now endeavour to finish it this February. I could go on ……. I had intended to write a personal letter to you, Sally, but then saw the tributes format so I have adapted it somewhat, and left out a lot. Suffice to say that Andrew was a dear and exceptional man in countless ways and he will live on in those he helped and whose lives he touched.
Lieven De Jonge
It took me a week to really realize that I would never hear his soft but firm voice or would never meet Andrew in person again.
I arrived at Nova Vida on 30.06.2019, after hitting my rock bottom. Previous treatment elsewhere had left me scared during treatment and releaved when I could get out of it. With empty hands and an empty backpack. From the first day I met Andrew, all fear faded away. During my stay, Andrew confronted me with my demons, and gave me a backpack full of tools to cope with them. I was a better person when I left. And even though I am not always on the pink cloud I was on when I left, I am now still a happy husband, a proud father and most of all alive, which I might not have been, if it wasn't for Andrew, making me version 2.0 of myself. I trust you look down from your own cloud now with satisfaction on all the people you gave their version 2.0. Rest in peace, my friend. You will be dearly missed. My condoleances to Sally, family and the huge Nova Vida family.
Thomas Jensen
was probably amongst the last patients in Andrew's career.. I left when lockdown started. I am very honest when I say Andrew changed my life. Multiple mountain high issues where tackled with steady loving hand. He analyzed me like an open book. He took away the fear of failing. The fear of never recovering. I have a wonderful life today. Wonderful... Andrew... You are looking down.. and can enjoy the fruits of all the light you brought to this world. I will cherish everything I learned from you. I will spread the light you egnited.
Forever keep your memory alive.. You human giant.
My wife and I sends our deepest sympathy and prayers for you Sally and all the brave people from the Nova Vida Family.
Karin M
For a few days now I've been trying to find words to express my feelings. As I am reading all the messages in here I realize Andrew, in spite of his passing, is still very much present in so many lives. He has truely made this world a better place. He made my life better, he gave me tools I never heard of before. He showed me there are men who are safe to be with. And he was a mentor, a guru to me, down to earth, wise, a very good listener, and always so full of respect. Our phone calls never lasted longer than 15 minutes, and his message to me was always simple, plain, and encouraging. I still hear his words resonating in my mind, and they still encourage and help me today.
You will be in my heart always. Rest in Peace, dear Andrew.
My thoughts are with Sally, her boys, Alex and all the former and current staff members of Nova Vida. Nova Vida is the best that ever happened to me. I am eternal grateful for you all.
My heart goes out to you Sally 💕🙏🏼
Dear Sally, I am unbelievably sorry to hear that Andrew has died. My heart goes out to you at this time, and to all those whose lives had been enlightened and strengthened by their association with him. He had taught me how to live without fear. But you also Sally were also instrumental in helping me.
I looked upon Andrew as a true and valuable friend. He could always make time however busy to be of help not only to myself, with humour, strength of opinion and the guidance. He will be most seriously missed.
Anders Nielsen
Almost 15 years ago I arrived in the Algarve, at the end of my rope. My family and I are most grateful for the excellent care provided by Andrew, Sally, Alex and the rest of the Nova Vida team. Without their timely help, we would no longer be a family. I believe it is safe to say that without them, I would not be here at all.

After my life had changed for the better, Andrew helped me change my professional life around as well. He directed me to the best training programme and was kind enough to provide a letter of recommendation. And he continued mentoring me through the years. It was only after starting work in an addiction treatment centre, that I realised how exceptional the level and quality of care provided at NV was. And what it takes to maintain these standards. It took several more years for it to sink in that Andrew’s, kind, gentle and unassuming manner was not just a testament to his character. Only the supremely skilled can make what they do seem as effortless as he did.

Nova Vida’s 34th Street Policy was a testament to Andrew’s impeccable professional and ethical standards. Not long after opening its doors, a series of economic crises hit Nova Vida and all of us, taking a terrible toll. Faced with difficult choices, Andrew and Sally never wavered in their resolve to put patient’s interests first, refusing to compromise. Nova Vida never let profit or even economic survival prevail over patient’s interests; I believe Andrew and Sally’s commitment to their principles came at a high price. A lesser man would have been sorely tempted to lower his standards, as many in the business did during those difficult times.

Shocked and saddened by the news of his passing, our family is grateful for his friendship and encouragement to “realise your fullest potential and greatest dreams” and leading by example. Our thoughts are with Sally, her boys, and their families.
I had the privilege of being a small part of the Nova Vida team from the very start in 2007.
With all his knowledge and care , Andrew certainly left this world a better place and has left a huge void in many lives.
To Sally, I hope the love from so many bring you comfort.
Annemie (Nova Vida Belgium)
Dear Sally, I am so sorry to hear about your loss. Please accept our sincere condolences. The pain of parting is no less but it’s a blessing that you were able to say goodbye to his physical life so peacefully. Strength Sally. Annemie
Dear Sally, I am so very sorry for your loss. Grateful that his passing was peaceful. He was such a valiant fighter. Wishing you much strength in the coming days, my thoughts are with you 💕💕
Katerin Lagos
I am so sorry, he was the best. All my love to you
Nicola & Richard Gallagher
Sending you so so much love Sally. Andrew and all of Nova Vida is the reason we have Grace. In my thoughts. Much love to you and your Family xxxx
Simon Yearwood
I am very sorry to hear your news and loss of Andrew. I spoke to him 6 months ago and was struck by his serenity and balance in spite of the circumstances. My condolences to all at NOVA VIDA and close family.
Johan Sorenson
I am truly and deeply sorry for your loss. Andrew was a rare gem of a man. I enjoyed his humour, his non conformist attitude to hierarchy (which was subtle and genuine) and his caring integrity. He taught me a lot in the short time I worked for him and in the time after.
Alex Flood
He used to hate it when I shortened his name to Dick; probably because his name was Andrew; Andrew M Vincent; however, he answered to many names I gave him over the years; dude, geezer, ass-wipe, dickwad, to name a few…
I'm not sure how to do this. How the fuck can I try and describe someone so special to me in plain old words? Language can feel limited when it comes to expressing the overwhelming and huge emotions of grief. I’ve received so many messages these last few days and have heard from many people from many places around the world saying “there are no words” – well, there are. There are words…
To say Andrew was my friend would be doing an injustice to our relationship; I have known Andrew longer than any other person in my life. He was my friend, my mentor, my business partner and most importantly, my partner in crime… He said in his last visit to me this past November that I had given him permission to be a kid and get into trouble and not worry about it because he always had me to blame. And get in trouble we did, I have no idea how many times Sally; his devoted wife, would just look at us, shake her head and laughingly walk away whilst muttering something about adult supervision.
He didn’t need me to be anything other than me and I didn’t need him to be anything other than him. He was intelligent, he was funny, he was serious, he was grumpy, he was steady, he was calm, he was diplomatic; fuck, was he diplomatic, he could tell someone to go fuck themselves in a way it wouldn’t register until they walked out of his office, and even then, they’d be looking forward to doing it!
Since June 2nd, last year; the day he was diagnosed with a brain tumor, I spoke with him daily, sometimes twice a day, if he was unable to sleep, he’d facetime, and we’d shoot the breeze at 4am. In November he and Sally flew out to TN in between his chemo sessions, and we spent a lot of time all together. There was laughter, there was connection, there was sadness and of course, the difficult conversation that no one wants to have. I saw it as an honor that he gave me his list and instructions, so as not to put all of the burden on Sally. Although he was physically weak, his strength of mind, his determination and courage remained. Little did we know that his unfinished life would become finished less than 8 weeks later. Those happy memories are tainted with sadness as I realize that for each of the things we did together, there was a last time and there will never be another. As I type this, I know there was nothing unsaid between us, he knew I loved him and what he meant in my life, and he knew I would fulfil all my promises to him.
Andrew left us at one minute past one on the morning of February 1st, he was at home in Portugal, looking out onto his garden. His ‘wifey’ Sally was with him holding his hand when he closed his eyes for the final time. It was calm, it was peaceful, it was exactly how he wanted it.
Andrew didn’t let many people close to him, but I was fortunate enough to be one that he did. The mosaic of lessons I’m left with are a compass I will keep close, a true north that will always point me in the right direction. I see now he was a gift. Even his death, dare I say, holds in it gifts of guidance. That is the best way I can make sense of this, for now.
So, I guess the words I’m trying to say, are I loved him and I’m going to miss him tremendously…
Annie Williams
A beautiful tribute to a lovely man Alex, who helped save me when I couldn't save myself. Heartfelt condolences to you Alex, and to Sally (I don't have her number).
Some special people have made a lifelong, deep impact on my life, Andrew was one and I shall always be grateful.
Lowell Monkhouse
I am so sorry to hear of Andrew’s passing. I have a few fond memories of him...
Sarah G
It’s beautiful to have these kinds of people in your life. I’m so sorry for your loss.
Samantha Quinlan
Andrew Vincent and Alex Flood, a formidable partnership. I can see you both together right now. He had an amazing smile, I thought. Many moons ago it was an honour to know him just a little bit. How lucky you both were what a friendship. Keep strong Alex and thank you x
Paul Roach
I'm so sorry to hear this, he was a lovely man, my thoughts are with you. Take care. Paul xxx
Marja and Max Wagelaar
While sending this message, my heart and thoughts are with Andrew's loved ones. My dear Sally, Alex, the boys and the crew of Nova Vida. My sincere condoleances for the loss of someone so special. Andrew. Even now, thinking of him, I see him sitting on his balcony....Alex was my counselor and teached me so much, not only about addiction but even more about myself..Andrew and I had conversations after Alex showed me a video about the human brain and he explained especially the functioning left- and right brain...with the example himself and the love of his life..Sally. In his own way he teached me how two separates (left and right) can make the perfect " complete"..and he did that with so much love but also with hilaric examples. It stll brings a big smile to my face....Almost 9 years sober but all of you are still in my heart since the first time I was at Nova Vida. Sally, who was like a mother to me...I'm so gratefull for all you did and what and where it brought me.
Me and Max sent all of you and espaccialy Sally our love and our thoughts are with you.

Marja and Max
jan de hoog
My deepest condoleances to Sally. You are in my thoughts during this difficut time. I remember Andrew as the most dedicated, empathetic, persistent man in my life. and made me feel cared for. ...
Ivan Mytnik-Gonta
I have no words that can sufficiently express my gratitude for having had the opportunity to have met Andrew.

I will be eternally grateful and carry a part of him in my heart.

Thank you Sally for letting him shine and sharing him with all of us.
Victoria Jones
Andrew gave me hope when I had none, compassionate support when I most needed it, guidance and realism when I strayed, common sense when I lost it and a whole toolbox with which to build an entirely different, exciting and fulfilling new life. The world has lost a great man but his legacy lives on in the hundreds of us whom he and the whole team undoubtedly saved. Thank you Andrew, and thank you Sally for sharing him with us. xxx
Annie Bennett
We have lost a very lovely man, so sad. Andrew was a gentle giant in my eyes. It was about 18 years ago when I first met Andrew while he was working at the Roehampton Priory Hospital, Andrew invited me to work with him and his team on the Trauma programme, it was an honour for me and I found Andrew a kind and generous professional. He and Sally went on to offer a great service for inpatient treatment for Addiction in Portugal. It was a successful project and many people have benefited from the compassion and healing given by the Novavida team.
Andrew will be missed. ❤️
Wilco Jacobs
I'like to admit, @you Sally & kin: all the best for you all. Keep up (the good work)!
Wilco Jacobs
So sad, too soon. Andrew and his staff meant a lot to me. May he R.I.P.
Chris Hammond
Terrible news. Andrew started off in my life as a guru, teacher, leader, and wise advisor at Sturt when I really was at rock bottom. No bullshit entertained, he’d heard all the excuses before. He’d been there. He developed a sense of why the lifestyle in my industry especially put people at risk, and many colleagues passed through his hands after that. Having had eleven trouble free years, I forgot it all warning signs and Andrew and the team in Portugal heaved me back onto the tracks. I owe him. He started as a teacher and became a friend. I will miss him. All my love to Sally, Alex and the team.
Dear Sally, I am so so very sorry to hear this news, at least he drifted away peacefully. I will always and forever hold a special place in my heart for both Andrew and yourself who made such a profound difference to not only my life but also Casey and Giselle’s life, my extended families life and indeed the birth of Matteo and Sienna, without my sobriety they would not be here today. Sending you all mine and Caseys love. When you know where and when the funeral will be please keep me posted, I’m not sure if I can come but I will most certainly look into it. Xxx
Im so sorry to hear about andrew. I owe the pair of u so much. Forever grateful. Take care lots of love phil x
My deepest condolences Sally...
I would like to say more but im without words...sending my love to you...
Annette and Derek
Sally, Derek and I are really sorry to hear your sad news about Andrew, he was a great man, sending you lots of love Annette xx
Dr Jana Advani
Ohh Sally, my deepest condolences. A shocking news. Please do let me know whenever you need anything! Warmest wishes to you and your family
Claire Fannon
I was affectionately known as the 'fairy' living at the bottom of the garden. Then I had the privilege of helping out at Nova Vida and the yearly Reunions. Andrew, Sally, Alex and all the staff at the clinic had an impact on so many lives, and of course not forgetting Defor. Andrew was so dignified; the last time we saw him was just a few weeks ago and even then his final words to me were of wisdom. Sending love and hugs
Andrew made no promises at our interview but gave me hope by giving me chance when I had lost all hope of recovery. He taught me to listen. He taught me I had value, to forgive myself, he taught me feelings. Always direct with brutal honesty with kindness. The first person I could not bullshit he saw right through my self deception. He taught me self honesty and being true to myself. Sally and Andrew became a family in my heart. Thank you eternally.I know D is sitting next to him now. Sally he will live on through all he saved and through you. My heart is with you both. Eugenia👣
Janet Norris
Special people pass our way in life and make it a better place for those to reside in enabling them to live not just to breath but love themselves . Andrew was such a beautiful soul who knew dark depths but climbed up to see the light again as he helped so many to do. Spread your wings my friend rise up and exalt the new day for the universe is yours .
Dawn Green
He was just amazing that’s all we can say ! So kind and gentle a true gentleman absolutely gutted we won’t meet again for a catch up xxx
Louis G
My life got a lot better over the last fifteen years. Andrew played a big part in that. Andrew and Alex put me on my path to recovery. After I left Nova Vida, over time, Andrew became also a dear friend. We kept in touch over the years and met up on a regular basis for a coffee or a meal. And in between we talked on the phone or Wats App. We had a lot of serious talks, but also could have a good laugh. We had decided to get a bench, and when we were retired we would place the bench on a village square and comment on the world, like proper grumpy old men. We were still working on our grumpiness. Andrew touched a lot of lives indeed. I am still in touch with a number of people whose life he touched, and who are doing really good in recovery.
My heart goes out to Sally, who was there with Andrew and Alex from the beginning. Outside therapy Sally was the warm person that always had a nice word or hug, and made you feel wanted and at home.
Magda G B
My deepest condolences for this great loss.
Lisa Dowling
So very sorry to hear this sad news. Sending love and strength at this difficult time
Ake L
Sorry for grief after Andrews death
He has meant so much to me, so sad. Such a nice person who has given so many a chance for a good life is always beatifully preserved in my memory
Donald M
Sally sorry to hear about your loss of your lovely Husband Andrew. I grew to know Andrew over the last 15years he was a wonderful soul with a Huge Heart ❤️ He was a major part of my recovery and a Huge part of me being sober today. I will miss our many cups of tea and meaningful chats about life on life’s terms.
Rest in Peace knowing you helped Thousands of people 🙏
Jorge R
Sending love to Sally and family 🙏❤️🌸
Anna Hunter Powell
My heartfelt condolences.
Oliver C
Thank you Andrew and Sally
You picked me up Literally from Under a tree ,And changed My life forever . Andrew’s weekly chats ,dry humour, huge knowledge ,personal experience his fascinating ability to not judge yet take no nonsense matched with a heart the size of the collective 100s he helped, is not only an inspiration but a beautiful reminder that there are really good people .did nt rant didnt push pull or manipulate , made us do it ourselves .the perfect listener the perfect adviser and effortlessly kept it all in check .
A truly great person that I will personally miss with all my heart
Sally I’m so sorry for your loss .
Wilma K-D
My deepest condolences for this great lost. Dear Sally and children I am so sorry. It is unbelievable. Love Wilma
Dearest Sally,

I am so sorry to hear about Andrew’s passing. I can’t imagine how it must be for you. You were his rock enabling him to help so many others, including myself. I will not be here in this good space without Andrew. The world is a bit sadder that he is no longer. My deepest sympathies to you and the boys. Please let me know if there is anything I can do for you or Nova Vida. I really mean it.
Alexandra & Nicola
Dearest Sally
Both Nicola and I , are devastated ,
to have heard from Leo , the heartbreaking news , that dearest lovely Andrew , has passed away .
All our thoughts and prayers , are with you , during this saddest and most difficult times , you are going through .
With all our heart , we send you , our deepest sympathy and condolences.
Also to all your families and the wider community family circle , who's rock Andrew was .
We will always remember Andrew ,
with so much love and affection ,
for the unique and special man he was , full of wisdom , care and love and total dedication , to his cause , of helping others through recovery .
An inspiration and shining torch .
A beacon of light and force of good .
And together with you , always by his side , you both made such a positive imprint , on the world and to all the lives and souls that met you .
Andrew will always be , in all of our hearts and so will you , dearest Sally .
Thank you both with all our heart .
Rest In Peace dear Andrew 🙏🏼
May all blessings and light ,
always accompany your beautiful soul 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼
Johannes ten Cate
I am very sad hear that Andrew has passed away. My deepest condolences for Sally and the family. Having met Andrew was a turning point in my life. It has changed forever and for the better. I’m very grateful for his wisdom and advise.
What a kind, warm, gentle, unpretentious and generous human being we have lost. Always a listening ear, he was a master in inspiring and empowering others. Someone you could trust unconditionally. Thank you for the privilege of having been your pupil.
Taylor Mitchell
Andrew was one of the most interesting people I have ever met, I still don’t quite understand what he changed in my life, But since being at Novavida & spending time with the team I’ve been able to conquer some of my problems & everyday I get stonger, Very Sad News’s Thanks for all your time and support you gave a part of your life to all of us and for that I thank you & sure we will cross paths again.
Pamela Roberts
Andrew changed my life one afternoon, with one simple suggestion to change what I was doing one day when I thought it was the world, the Universe and everyone else to blame.
Despite years of not actually being in contact I have always held that moment in mind and gratitude is not adequate enough a word to express my feelings for Andrew,
Thank you Andrew, thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Peter Mooney
I am deeply saddened by the news that Andrew has been taken from this life.
He was a great man to uplift the soul, sooth recovery nerves or simply bring a smile to your face with his wit.
He never failed to make my day better, I'll really miss our chats.
My sincere condolences to Sally, the family and his wonderful staff at Nova Vida.
RIP pal.
Eric K
I came to Novavida in 2009, troubled enough but without any prior experience from therapy. With hindsight, it is clear how lucky I was that coincidence guided me to Andrew (and Alex and Sally). The weeks spent in rehab changed my life's trajectory, and I will always be deeply grateful to the place and the team who made this possible.
Rest in peace, Andrew!
Marjet Groenleer
What a sad news. My thoughts are with Sally. Andrew thanks for establishing Nova Vida, because for me it has been a most valuable place to stay and the first place were I didn't feel ashamed for my behavious. Rest in piece. Love Marjet
Tom Woolston
Andrew was a very kind and generous man who helped me a great deal. He taught me that it’s okay to be who you are in this life, and that it’s not about perfection or following someone else’s false dogma. I have many fond memories and will never forget him. Sending lots of love to Sally and the family.
Richard Parker.
This is very shocking sad news.I was very fortunate to meet Andrew on May 19th, 1999 at Sturt.
He was then a very perceptive and caring Gentleman
He was also a very attentive good listener.
His soul will continue to listen, and receive many thanks and good wishes for all those he has saved and given them the opportunity to live life as it should be.
I will light a candle for him.
Thank you AV🙏
Christina Friedrich
Andrew‘s kindhearted gentleness and amazing ability to connect through listening and feeling will stay alive in all of us who are deeply greatful that we had the chance to meet this beautiful human being. Forever thankful, sending out loving thoughts to Sally, her family, friends and NV team.
Vincent Powell
Like many of us, I suspect, I can’t express with mere words what Andrew meant to me. When I look back on the wonderful care I received at Nova Vida, the thing I recall the most after coming away, was a feeling of having felt softened yet strengthened by Andrew’s gentle touch and by the wonderful support that Sally added to the mix… and I think that has stayed with me ever since. You’re both often in my thoughts. I’m so grateful to you both. So now send you my love Sally.. and to your family... so lovely to read Grant’s words and learn more about this special and most self effacing of men.
David Jackson
RIP Andrew. You were a true gentleman.
Richard Gallagher
Our deepest condolences sally and your family and Alex
Andrew was a steady light in a very dark hole I found myself in 14 years ago
Truly beautiful kind man
All my love
Richard Nicky and Grace
My recovery family xxx
Nick Shields
I'm so sorry to hear this awful news, its really taken the wind out of my sails.
I first met Andrew when I arrived at Priory Sturt, almost 23 years ago. As my counsellor he had a significant impact on me, such was his capacity to show me care, respect and perhaps above all, value. He continued his support through the first couple of years, always making time. He encouraged and nurtured my interest in then training as a therapist, and was a mentor to me throughout that process .

Thank you Andrew, I owe you so much.... One of a kind, a truly warm and special human being whom I was so very lucky to meet .Rest in peace xx
Love and heartfelt condolences to you Sally, he was special x
Lyndsey Gillespie
This world has lost an amazing man with the greatest gift to help people at the lowest points in life. I couldn't thank him enough for helping me save myself and getting to know myself the many times I spent with him listening and giving me advice are so precious and an amazing gift . I will be forever grateful and privileged to have been one of the many he helped . I send Sally my deepest sympathymy heart breaks for her. The put into Andrews work making nova vida feel the safest place on earth .I send my sympathy to Andrews family and all my love and biggest hug to Sally which she gave me many a time when I really needed it . Good bye Andrew and thank you x
Grant Murray
Andrew was a lot of things to a lot of people.

To me, he was a stepfather who came into my life when I was seven and my brother was nine. I don’t know a lot about Andrew´s life before this point, but he has told me stories of his worldly travels as a “diplomat” for the Foreign Office. (I am convinced he was a spy!). Cold war Russia, Poland, Bangladesh, Kuwait, Jordan and more.

In those very different times of the 1970s and 80s, it seems there was a culture of hard drinking in diplomatic circles and perhaps Andrew, just a young Plymouth lad of 18 at the time, was led astray or not sufficiently protected. Andrew of course would deny this and take full responsibility himself.

Combined with family issues, Andrew´s drinking landed him in a bad place in the 90s but fortunately for him he met Sally, my mum. At a time when nobody else would have, Sally stood by Andrew despite him letting her down many times as he fought his issues. As the full force of his addiction took hold, Andrew sunk to levels of desperation that anybody who knew him in later life would not believe.

Yet there was Sally to save him. Mum epitomises words that are cheaply thrown about. Loyalty, devotion, determination. I can never repay Mum for the sacrifices she made to bring up me and Douglas and give us a platform upon which we´ve built our own success and families.

With Mum´s support Andrew would make his fateful decision to enter the Broadreach recovery centre in Plymouth and tackle his issues. Six weeks later he emerged a new man in February 1994, his life back in his own hands. Blessedly no longer a servant to his addiction.

Within months Andrew decided that he wanted to help others achieve the same turnaround in their lives. He successfully applied to become a trainee counsellor at Broadreach amid stiff competition. During a year of training he must have shined brightly because he was mysteriously invited to interview for a position at one of the hospitals of the esteemed Priory Group.

Andrew quickly made his mark, eventually becoming head of the addictions unit of the Priory´s principal centre in Roehampton Priory. During his time with Priory he was fortunate to meet Alex Flood.
Sally, Andrew and Alex went on to found Nova Vida and this is where most of you guys will join the story. Without any one of them, it couldn’t have been done.

I am so proud to call Andrew my stepfather and I was fortunate to have been with him in his final hours. He passed peacefully in a hospital bed which specially set up for him in the lounge of his house, with Sally of course by his side and the inspirational nurse Judi. He was able to overlook his beloved garden in his final days.

As I write this it is less than 24 hours since he passed and already the messages pouring in to mum´s phone are overwhelming joyous, deeply moving and very comforting for our family to hear. I have heard several times already that he saved lives and former patients have gone on to start families thanks to Andrew.

Andrew spent the second half of his life, giving others a new life. Not many people leave a legacy so great.

I would finally like to thank somebody who knows who they are, for their extreme generosity and support in Andrew's last months.

Rest in peace old mate.

Grant x
Jeppe Johannes Schou
He was the hope and the light for me
He showed that even though I was depressed and angry after a hard time after my back then girlfriend cancer treatment, loss of grandparents and childhood that come up to the earth.
I felt that I was not good enough to anyone, and what I did was never enough.
Before arrival in Nova Vida I had suicidal thoughts.
Andrew saw that I was not a bad person. I had lost my light. Which he gave back to me by showing the way.

After Nova Vida, we had conversations every other week to make sure I was on track.

Be course of that Andrew and his teaching involved in turning my whole life around, and gave me strength and hope for the journey. He is now a prophet to me
In his presence, I felt safe and that he quickly became a father figure to me. even during his own illness, he wrote the following to me, and his last word to me.

”I hope all is going ok with you and your aims and goals remain in place. I have always had faith in you, you can do it, do it.”

I know Andrew is sitting with the other prophets looking down on us to protect and guide us to the light.

I will never forget what Andrew taught me, and the hope and his strong faith in me.

I send a prayer to all Nova Vida, will get through it well and remember what we learned.

Lets his light shine and as on the mail, I and we are now a part of his legacy.

therefore I will honour him by continuing my journey toward the light which he saw in me and I also realized by being in his company.

I also send a thought to Sally and the Nova Vida team.
I pray for everyone and myself that we will remember what Andrew taught us.

He will still guide and protect us and myself, from his seat from the east, whit the light he has given us all.

Andrew, you were my second father, emotional safety and spiritual Home.
I will honour and Prove to you the strong faith you saw and always had in me.

To the rest of Former Novo Vidian, let's show Andrew that we are able to do it, so he can smile down at us.

Realize your fullest potential and greatest dreams

Jeppe Johannes Schou
Nova Vida 17.07.2019 - 06.08.2019
Lukas Rocha
Andrew and Nova Vida changed my life…. I will never forget the lessons I learned from Andrew and the team .
I don’t even know where to start, all I can Say is Thank you for everything!
Sally , thank you for giving me a 2nd chance and helping me becomes who I am today.

Rest In Peace Andrew, we will miss you , stay strong Sally

Lots of Love , Lukas .
Bill Sangster & Family
When all around seemed in turmoil with my sons life , Andrews guidance to us as a family helped tremendously. I have no doubt we would not be where we are today , without his interaction with my son . I offer my sincere condolences to Sally and family , Andrew will not be alone , we will remember him fondly , not forgetting “D” for dog xxx
Mo Pembridge
And for Sally, I hope my love and that of all of us posting here, reaches you, your support and care for Andrew was pivotal in helping us.

Very sad to hear this!
May he rest in peace for all the good he was doing in the world. I'm grateful I was fortunate enough to get to know him and Sally. Many warm thoughts to Sally and everyone else who knew Andrew!
Mo Pembridge
How could I thank him enough for the stability I have in my life. He was kind, non judgemental and understated. He played 'good' cop providing such support with never a raised voice or a judgement. I look back at the addict rocking up at Nova vida with a fractured family and fractured life to now. I have so so much. Thank you Andrew for your unconditional care and love.
David Bull
Andrew you will be sorely missed but all who knew you, a pivotal influence for so many of us to turn our lives around. Deepest sympathy to Sally & family xxx
Deirdre Boyd
Let me add Thich Nhat Hanh's words, for Andrew...
“Even when the cloud is not there, it continues as snow or rain. It is impossible for the cloud to die. It can become rain or ice, but it cannot become nothing. The cloud does not need to have a soul in order to continue. There’s no beginning and no end. I will never die. There will be a dissolution of this body, but that does not mean my death... I will continue, always.”
Deirdre Boyd
Tragic, tragic, tragic news. My heart is with Sally (and Alex). The terrific trio shared the best and most exciting of times and the worse of times with me. They were instrumental in keeping UKESAD going in the early years of its long life. I spent weekends bathed in their unconditional love/affection and dry pragmatic wit in the sun amid the lemon and olive trees and the beach when life battered me. I love all three of them but perhaps Andrew most because I met the other two through him. My heart is with Sally and family, and with Alex. The world is a lesser place without Andrew, a truly huge loss leaving a hole in my heart.
I met Andrew when I most needed guidance. I can’t believe he is no longer with us. It’s thanks to Andrew that I came out of my hole and never looked back. I am grateful to have known him. My thoughts are with Sally. RIP.
Craig Watt
I knew Andrew for more than 8 years and during this time he help me immensely to understand the nature of addiction and strategies for building a better life. His passing is deeply saddening and I would like to express my condolences to Sally and the Nova Vida team. Andrew was truly a great man who will be missed by all of us who knew him and were touched by his unselfish nature, openness, and wisdom.
Lowell Monkhouse
Dear Sally. Please accept my sincere condolences.
I have known Andrew for over 15 years as I was IT support for NovaVida for as long as I can remember. All this time, I was treated with respect and dignity and even got a few words of wisdom from Andrew during our random chats. I remember very well that every time he spoke to me about some serious things, it was mesmerized on how certain and knowledgeable he was, yet never pushing his opinion. I still follow some of his advice to this day. Along all the years I knew Andrew and Sally Vincent's family became my family as well. With Andrews's departure, this world became a little smaller for me, or to say it better - The world is still the same, there's just... less in it.
Mark Adamson
I was fortunate to see Andrew at Gambelas last month whilst my father was there for his own personal battle. I will fondly remember his self effacing and unassuming demeanour that helped me through some of my darkest days, shedding light on the strengths we have and taking responsibility for our actions and self improvement. We’ve lost a truly wonderful and selfless soul but never forgotten. My heartfelt condolences to Sally and the family 🙏
Tamara Visscher
I am sorry for this sad news..! There are not enough words to express how thankful I’m for everything Andrew did for me. My condolences to Sally, you will be in my thoughts.❤️🖤
Jacqueline francis Minchin
Andrew was a kind compassionate man & he was a big part in my early recovery ..
Sending my condolences to his lovely wife sally & family
Jacquie M
Anthony Camilleri
II know I wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for Andrew.

My deepest condolences to Sally, family and Andrew’s colleagues.
He will be missed by many.

Gijs Meijer
Tragically sad news. Andrew was a very special person. A wonderful man. I will miss him and his advice on the bumpy road of life. I wish Sally love and my deepest sympathies
Nuno Albuquerque
Andrew was an inspiration to us all! Sincere condolences to Sally and to the family.
Olive Camilleri
Very sad news, Andrew was a wonderful man and he will be deeply missed. My love and condolences to Sally, It is often hard to find the right words at a time like this, may you find peace, comfort, and all the love you need in the days to come.
Sam Watson & Family
Tragically sad news, the world has lost a truly remarkable man who helped so many. Without the support from Andrew my life would not be what it is today, for that my family & I shall remain eternally grateful. Sending love and our deepest sympathies to Sally and family xxx
Mike Koster
Very sad news. Andrew was a brilliant mentor and the best person to have by your side on the difficult journey to recovery. My deepest sympathy and condolences to Sally.
Mike McPhillips
Andrew was a decent, kind, wise and much-valued colleague. I worked with him at the Priory Hospital, and he was kind enough to look after a number of my patients at Nova Vida in the years that followed. I will miss him greatly. My deepest sympathies
to his family.