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Miracle on 34th Street is a 1947 Christmas film about a department store Santa Claus who steers parents to other department stores to buy goods rather than to buy them in his store. ‘Kris Kringle’ does this because he recognises that other stores have a better buy or because his own store doesn’t sell the goods. What has this got to do with addiction treatment?

We are not Santa Claus nor are we selling goods but we do recognise what we are good at, what we can’t do and where it would be best to go if we can’t help. The Clinical Team at Nova Vida pride itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Although onward referral to other facilities is not often, we do sometimes recommend this but if we do we are with you all of the way in the planning of the referral and, with your permission, case managing your recovery from start to finish. We have built up excellent relationships with some of the best treatment facilities in the world and whilst we think we are up there with them in many aspects of treatment as a small facility we cannot be experts in all aspects of emotional health. To say we were would be dishonest of us. Those patients who we have recommended to seek treatment somewhere other than Nova Vida have done extremely well in their recovery and that is reward enough for us.

Any recommendation to seek treatment elsewhere is a three way discussion: You, us and the facility we are recommending and will be made with your care as a first priority. Where distance makes a personal initial visit difficult we arrange for you to have all the information you need to make an informed decision.

There is never any referral fee or commission paid to Nova Vida or any individual employed by us. We make the recommendation solely based on clinical need. Our reward is in seeing a patient getting well.

Going into treatment can be a daunting experience. There are times when you may need somebody to support you during difficult times before you access treatment or in your early recovery. Travelling long distances with the possibility of airport waits or aircraft changes can trigger unnecessary anxieties and even excessive use of alcohol resulting in refusal by the airlines to allow you to fly. It may be that you are just an anxious flyer which is stopping you from accessing the treatment that could work for you or you need to tie up loose ends that prevent you from going into treatment immediately. Post treatment some major business commitment may seem quite overwhelming in early recovery without the support of someone to ensure you stay clean and sober and give you therapeutic support during stressful times whilst you are adjusting to a new life.

We have a depth of experience in supporting clients in this way from many parts of the world into treatment to and from Europe, the Middle East and the USA. We are well versed in the procedures for travelling making the journey from home to treatment no more difficult than travelling to the corner shop. We also have a team of trained nurses who can accompany you into treatment.

For some the practicalities of organising tickets, surfing the Net to find the cheapest option is in itself a daunting task at a time when you have more than enough to cope with. Let us do that for you. We know where to look.

For the peace of mind that a companion can provide this option may offer you value for money.

All our Recovery Companions are either professionally trained and qualified addictions counsellors or professionally qualified nurses with addictions experience for those who may need nursing Support.

Seeking treatment away from home can present problems in the follow-up and aftercare that is essential in the post residential treatment phase. With your consent we will keep in touch with your progress through treatment at the chosen facility away from home and pick up on the post treatment follow-up and aftercare. One of the Nova Vida Clinical Team will case manage your treatment throughout and where necessary act as the liaison between treatment facility, patient and family. We have built up strong clinical relationships with all the treatment centres we recommend that enables us to do this.


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The Clinical Team at Nova Vida pride itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Although onward referral to other facilities is not...

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