Outstanding Treatment

Residential and Outpatient Programmes

Nova Vida Recovery Centre remains OPEN – continuing to offer residential treatment as well
as individual phone call counselling sessions via Facetime, WhatsApp, to help people
suffering from stress, depression, anxiety as well as addiction related problems,
to get through these difficult times

Start your journey to recovery


The Boss

‘D for’ has seven brothers and sisters but it was soon apparent he was the one who stood out in the crowd. Perhaps it was the absence of a tail from birth, his sweet nature or his jet black colour, there was just something about him that attracted him to us. ‘D for’ was born at Nova Vida and after his brothers and sisters were found good homes he settled down and soon became a valuable member of the Nova Vida team. Loved by the patients and the staff ‘D for’ is well behaved, almost all of the time, and has an inner awareness of when to be there for a patient and when to distance himself. He occasionally sits in on Group Therapy or Lectures and is a quiet participant in many events. When he grows up ‘D for’ hopes to train to be the canine part of ‘Canine assisted psychotherapy’ using his acute awareness of others’ emotions in order to support patients in their recovery efforts. Unfortunately he will need to learn not to chase cats first if he is going to be of any use!

Studies have shown that being around dogs, playing with them, and just handling them decreases stress, increases physical activity, relieves depression and anxiety, calms and motivates patients in rehab centres. ‘D for’ is good at all of this particularly if there is a treat at the end of it.

Banned by Health and Safety from many parts of Nova Vida ‘D for’ can often be found in quiet contemplation on his favourite corner seat on the sofa or in the office he allows Andrew to share with him but he is always alert to the possibility of a treat.

‘D for’ knows not everybody likes Dogs and he is quite ok with that. He won’t get upset and will keep a distance.


Nova Vida Recovery Centre
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Why choose Nova Vida?

Now in it’s 12th year Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a treatment programme entirely in the English language and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

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Our Approach

The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment. If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against...

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34th Street Policy

The Clinical Team at Nova Vida pride itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Although onward referral to other facilities is not...

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