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Comfortable facilities are an important aspect of a patient’s stay and we have done all we can to identify an environment that is tranquil, homely and suitable for the joint therapy and living needs. Situated away from the coast in a semi-rural area, balconied bedrooms and terraces offer unimpeded views across the coastal plain with the sea visible away in the distance. Although the therapy is the most important aspect of your stay we have recognised the importance of giving you nothing to complain about thus enabling you to devote all of your time to getting well. We don’t have fluffy white towels and monogrammed bathrobes but you can have clean towels whenever you want them.

The grounds at Nova Vida offer many suitable spots for quiet contemplation or gentle walks in the most serene of environments. The grounds also offer space to engage in experiential work as a break from the talking therapy that dominates the programme. With the benefits of the long warm summers much of the time outside of therapy is spent out of the house and suitable comfortable garden furniture allows those who stay with us to seek out the shade as well as the sun.

The accommodation is modern, spacious and cool in summer and warm in winter. The single occupancy bedrooms are large and well-furnished and each has a very spacious en suite bathroom. All the bedrooms are air conditioned for those summer nights when temperatures would otherwise make sleep difficult.

Patients come to Nova Vida to get help with their illness and facilitating that help is our strength but being away from home for a month can be counter-productive in a sterile clinical environment. We have strived to provide a comfortable environment in which you can become involved [within the constraints of health and safety] if you wish. Many of our patients returning to Nova Vida for the annual reunion or for a renewal weekend talk about “coming home”. That puts a smile on our faces as it is exactly the environment we have tried to create.


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Why choose Nova Vida?

Now in it’s 12th year Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a treatment programme entirely in the English language and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

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Our Approach

The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment. If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against...

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34th Street Policy

The Clinical Team at Nova Vida pride itself on its philosophy of only treating those patients we know we have the skills and experience to deal with. Although onward referral to other facilities is not...

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