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Residential and Outpatient Programmes

Nova Vida Recovery Centre remains OPEN – continuing to offer residential treatment as well
as individual phone call counselling sessions via Facetime, WhatsApp, to help people
suffering from stress, depression, anxiety as well as addiction related problems,
to get through these difficult times

Start your journey to recovery


In common with many organisations Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a statement of purpose or ‘Mission Statement’ which guides the actions, spells out its overall goals, provides a sense of direction and guides decision making for all who work for the Centre. Essentially it is our reason for being and where we would like to be in the future. It is very important to us and since our first patient arrived at our centre in 2007 we have constantly used our mission statement as our guide.

A synopsis of the Mission Statement is below with a full copy available on request from Sally (sallyvincent@novavidarecovery.com), the Business Development Manager.

“The Nova Vida Recovery Centre is a therapeutic residential facility specialising in the treatment of adults who are experiencing the consequences of dependency on alcohol, drugs, addictive behaviours, some eating disorders and emotional difficulties.

The Nova Vida programme is uniquely designed to consider an individual’s needs in an environment that preserves their privacy, dignity and respect, whilst focusing on the expert treatment necessary to enable self-discovery and recovery.

The Nova Vida staff aim to offer unsurpassed individual attention, effective evidence based care and treatment. The multidisciplinary team provides professional therapeutic intervention, which will be complemented by a high standard of administration and support services. We will provide a solid network of communication between referral sources, patients, clinicians and administrators, which will ensure a seamless transition from the moment of enquiry, through treatment and on to aftercare services.

We believe aftercare is a vital part of treatment and we offer continuous support for as long as it takes as part of the treatment ‘package’.

Nova Vida Recovery Centre will only offer care to those it feels it has the expertise and experience to treat. At no time will it put profit before care and in cases where the Clinical Team feel more specialised care is available elsewhere it will always recommend this option.”

As our journey continues we have referred many patients to treatment in other specialised facilities justifying our promise to ourselves that patient care is the driving force behind our existence.

Also important to us is the confidentiality and anonymity which all patients deserve and which we respect throughout the treatment phase and beyond.


Nova Vida Recovery Centre
Algarve, Portugal
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