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Nova Vida Recovery Centre remains OPEN – continuing to offer residential treatment as well
as individual phone call counselling sessions via Facetime, WhatsApp, to help people
suffering from stress, depression, anxiety as well as addiction related problems,
to get through these difficult times

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Not quite sick and tired of being sick and tired? For many individuals struggling with a drink, drug or food problem the seed is beginning to grow to seek some sort of help. Family and friends are making suggestions, some may be suggesting rehab but in the minds of the user they are holding onto a glimmer of hope that maybe they can solve the problem without having to commit to a period of intensive help. During this pre-treatment phase denial is playing a huge role in the user’s life and although there may be a green shoot of motivation to emerge from the darkness it is still a step too far to admit defeat and to seek help.

At Nova Vida Recovery Centre we understand the confusion and struggle that is going on in the heads of those who need help but are not quite ready to commit. We offer a number of pre-treatment opportunities for users to better understand their illness, be clearer about the damage it is causing them and those who they care about and to gain a better understanding about treatment and the different possibilities that exist to help them.

For many an independent assessment of their addiction with a better understanding of the consequences is sufficient for them to tap into their own motivation and elect to enter treatment. For others it is a beginning to a process that eventually leads to treatment and for some an acknowledgement that help now will lead to a better tomorrow. All options can be discusses at an assessment.

A thorough assessment is also essential before any admission can be considered. The severity of the illness needs to be ascertained and the appropriate treatment agreed. There are a number of options and these will be discussed at the assessment and include individual counselling sessions, day care or full residential treatment. Assessments are a relaxed two way flow of information with some simple tests which leaves you more knowledgeable of your illness and hopefully more motivated to get treatment whatever form that takes.

Nova Vida Recovery Centre uses widely accepted diagnostic tools including DSM IV, ICD 10, SASSI, AUDIT and CAGE. The AUDIT and CAGE tests are available on the Internet and can be used as self-diagnosis tool but only if they are answered with 100% honesty. We also take a full clinical, mental and social history and where appropriate full psychiatric and medical assessments including blood tests (there is a charge, at cost, for any medical tests). Only after exhaustive assessment can a true recommendation for treatment be made.

If you are concerned about your drinking or using or are concerned about someone close to you please don’t delay. A comprehensive assessment is exactly what it says. It may confirm what you already know or give you some relief from expectation of the worse. Whatever the outcome of the assessment if often feels good that the first step has been taken.


For an appointment please contact our admissions team on:

(+351) 919 357186

An assessment can be arranged with one of Nova Vida’s Clinical Team. For details of the charges for a full psychiatric assessment and to arrange an appointment please email Sally Vincent sallyvincent@novavidarecovery.com, or call +351 919 357186

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Nova Vida Recovery Centre
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