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Nova Vida’s treatment programme for Chemical Dependency includes many of the research based interventions that have been shown to be successful for many years including Group Therapy, Assignment Groups, Art therapy, workshops, psycho-educational lectures, Step Groups and attendance at 12 Step meetings. The programme has a foundation in CBT and the Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and is aimed towards change and while the past gives us the background to what brought us into treatment, we concentrate on the ‘here and now’ and what is happening today.

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy also features in our programme. The horse has shown itself as being typically non-judgmental and one of the animals on the planet that mirrors the emotions of the human race and can identify and respond in its own way to how we feel. Equine Assisted Psychotherapy is used to help patients gain insight to their feelings and behaviours and can be fundamental in moving a patient forward who has become ‘stuck’ in their recovery. Trained and qualified in the UK our Equine Counsellor will lead patients through the therapy in a safe and reassuring way. Patients do not ride the horses.

The programme also includes written assignment work depending on the each patient’s issues underlying their addiction. It is not unusual to have eight patients working on eight different assignments reflecting the individualised nature of the patients but also the programme.

In addition all patients take part in various holistic therapies which include Tai Chi and massage. Finally once patients are physically cleared to participate all attend a well-equipped gym with a personal trainer. This is an important aspect of the journey towards regaining an acceptable level of fitness lost when addiction took over.

Experience has shown that for some, additional work is necessary over and above addressing the addiction or emotional disorder. This is best addressed in a dedicated and experienced facility rather than extending the stay with us.

Where there are issues of trauma, co-dependency or where there would be an identifiable benefit from attending a specialised personal growth workshop we will recommend Onsite or Milestones at Onsite an hour west of Nashville Tennessee, USA where we have for the past years been referring our patients, after their treatment with us, with life changing results. Onsite offers 6½ day residential workshops , 4 day intensive 1:1 programmes and a longer term treatment programme at Milestones at Onsite for trauma and co-dependency. Further details and costs (often less than extending the stay with us) will be supplied by the Clinical Team who will also facilitate your referral and aftercare.

Alex, has joined the Onsite and Milestones at Onsite team and with her vast knowledge of our patient group provides a seamless and stress free admission process.

Although Nova Vida has been referring patients to Onsite and Milestones at Onsite for the past 3 years they remain separate and independent from each other. Nova Vida refers to Onsite and Milestones purely because of their clinical excellence and because of the positive results we have witnessed. We receive no commission or any other financial or material reward for our referrals.


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