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For a few of our patients it is impossible to take a month out of a busy life and its responsibilities. This often leads to unsuccessful attempts to address the problem without formal treatment leading to continuing problems. Nova Vida recognises these difficulties and has designed programmes to help busy people address a life threatening illness.

One option is the combination of a two week stay at our residential centre followed by continuing support and therapy in the home environment. This ‘Designed 4 You’ programme often costs no more than the cost of the full residential programme and has the advantage of addressing real problems in real time. Full details are available from the Clinical Team.

There is room for some flexibility in this arrangement but an example of the ‘Designed 4 you’ programme is for the patient to spend 2 weeks in residential care allowing full detox and intensive therapy. After a break of 2 weeks at home, a member of the Nova Vida Clinical Team will visit you for 4 days, 4 hours of therapy each day, 4 times over the following 4 months.

The first two weeks in residential care are essential and are effectively non-negotiable. They offer the opportunity for thorough medical, psychiatric and psychological assessments, medical detoxification if required, grounding in the recovery process and intensive therapy. Whilst we are willing to work with you on the timing of the 2nd outpatient stage of the programme it is essential the commitment is made to keep to the agreed timings.

The cost of this treatment will depend on destination and are based on return air fare from Faro, 5 nights accommodation and daily expenses.

For more information about how this programme can help you or a loved one please contact Sally Vincent by email: sallyvincent@novavidarecovery.com or call her on +351 919357186 or complete our enquiry form.


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