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The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment. If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against the illness. If the programme isn’t right there are almost certainly going to be consequences. The Clinical Team at Nova Vida therefore devote a lot of time looking at their therapy programme to ensure it offers the best chance for recovery and because human beings are all different it is essential to recognise that ‘one size is not going to fit all’. Our programme is therefore unique. Unique because many of its component parts are decided on a daily basis. The programme runs over the whole week so although there is a slightly later start on Saturdays and Sundays it is still ‘business as usual’ at the weekends.

There is a minimum of 40 hours group based therapy a week spread over the 7 days. Group therapy occurs as the first group of the day every day. What follows after that is dictated by the patient group and not by a printed programme which bears no relevance to where the patient group are in their recovery process. Every morning before the therapy day begins the Clinical Team take stock of what is happening with the group and the individuals within the group and make a first plan of what lectures, workshops, experiential and holistic groups will take place that day. Following group therapy the Clinical Team meet again and make changes depending on what may have come up during the therapy group. The programme is geared entirely to the patient group and the individual within the group but contains all the researched, proven elements of a successful programme such as group therapy, workshops, lectures, experiential and equine There are also the holistic groups which are time tabled outside of the core therapy hours. You can’t do this when you have 20 patients in a group or a large Clinical Team. You can do it if you have a small group of maximum 7 and a small dedicated Clinical Team who are willing to go the extra mile if the patients are.

Experience has shown that for some, additional work is necessary over and above addressing the addiction or emotional disorder. This is best addressed in a dedicated and experienced facility rather than extending the stay with us.

Where there are issues of trauma, co-dependency or where there would be an identifiable benefit from attending a specialised personal growth workshop we will recommend Onsite or Milestones at Onsite an hour west of Nashville Tennessee, USA where we have for the past years been referring our patients, after their treatment with us, with life changing results. Onsite offers 6½ day residential workshops , 4 day intensive 1:1 programmes and a longer term treatment programme at Milestones at Onsite for trauma and co-dependency. Further details and costs (often less than extending the stay with us) will be supplied by the Clinical Team who will also facilitate your referral and aftercare.

Alex, has joined the Onsite and Milestones at Onsite team and with her vast knowledge of our patient group provides a seamless and stress free admission process.

Although Nova Vida has been referring patients to Onsite and Milestones at Onsite for the past five years they remain separate and independent from each other. Nova Vida refers to Onsite and Milestones purely because of their clinical excellence and because of the positive results we have witnessed. We receive no commission or any other financial or material reward for our referrals.


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Now in it’s 12th year Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a treatment programme entirely in the English language and all medical, clinical and administrative staff use English as their first language.

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The therapy programme is certainly the most important aspect of treatment. If it doesn’t work the risks to the patients are high. Addiction is a killer illness and the programme is the treatment against...

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