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Our young people now face more pressure in their lives than at any other time. The combination of our society of social media, peer and academic pressure together with all the physical and emotional change of becoming an adult can prove too much for many youngsters. The effects can be overwhelming and if left untreated can develop into more severe mental and physical illnesses.

Even the most well-meaning and supportive parents can fail to get through to their offspring, leaving them feeling helpless and inadequate as they watch their ‘child’ suffering or harming themselves. Communication can break down for all concerned.

Mand has worked for several years in the UK with troubled young people - and their parents when needed - with a pro-active, direct communication process that bridges the pre-adult/adult divide in a completely confidential and supportive way.

The issues she now treats in the Algarve include:

  • Self-harm, drug and alcohol misuse
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Education ‘burn out’
  • Anger
  • Bulimia
  • Obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Low self esteem
  • Body dysmorphic disorder

Using the latest combination of Experiential, Cognitive and Art Therapies, Mand breaks down the barriers of pain and facilitates positive change for the struggling youngster.

Mand began her Psychotherapy training at Life Force, Colchester in 2002, completing her Advanced Certificate and Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy Cambridge with honours by 2007. Mand joined the Priory Hospital, Chelmsford, where she spent 2 years as an Addiction Counsellor.

Mand then also completed a 2 year Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and went on to work in a private rehabilitation unit for PTSD sufferers from the British Forces.

Since 2010 Mand has worked in private practice and, though never moving far from her addiction therapy roots, has also specialised in obsessive compulsive disorders, bulimia, adolescents and couples therapy. Mand has attended numerous accredited courses to ensure she can deliver the most beneficial treatments to her patients. She holds certification in Inner Child Therapy, Rebuilding Trust in Relationships, Adolescents & Alcohol, Loss, Grief & Grieving and Experiential Therapy. Today Mand is a champion of Creative Therapy as a helpful and healing tool in her work. She is a great advocate of the power of creative expression in many patient issues. She is a UK Certified Interpreter of Therapeutic Expression in Art.

Mand uses a proactive, integrative approach in her work to quickly build trust and open, honest communication with her patients. She is a leading Therapist in Cambridge and works on the Cambridge Mental Health Crisis Team. Mand joins the Nova Vida team on a regular basis as well as providing outpatient Couples and Adolescents Therapy. Mand is able to offer ongoing support via Facetime/Skype.

Nova Vida Recovery Centre offer a range of counselling and therapy services including 1:1 therapy and intensive outpatient programmes

Take the next step on the ongoing road to wellness and freedom from anxiety, stress, burn-out, persistent low mood or depression, phobia, fear of places/things, relationship issues and abuse of alcohol, drugs and prescribed medication.


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