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  • How much does treatment cost?
  • Full details of our costs and methods of payment can be obtained by telephoning +351 919 357186 or email Sally. Although Nova Vida is a limited company with shareholders, all the shareholders are united with one aim which is to help the patient into recovery. We are not motivated by profit. Quality treatment does, however, come at a cost and we have cut no corners in our endeavours to offer effective treatment.

  • Can I pay by credit/debit card?
  • Yes you can as Nova Vida has a Paypal account.

  • Do you offer Payment Plans?
  • Payment should normally be made by cleared funds upon admission to Nova Vida Recovery Centre. However, in certain circumstances (where possible) we will agree to alternative arrangements to pay in order to assist clients into recovery. Contact the Admission Team to discuss the matter.

  • Do you accept insurance?
  • Unfortunately we do not accept insurance. Some insurance companies do reimburse for treatment costs and we will provide all appropriate documentation to enable you to make a claim with your health insurance company. However this claim for reimbursement is entirely your responsibility and our fees must be made in advance of treatment. We strongly suggest you check with your insurance company before being admitted for treatment.

  • Is detox included in the treatment costs?
  • Our charges for the full programme includes detoxification if required. If it is deemed necessary to use one of the Algarve's excellent private hospitals for the detoxification there will be an additional charge calculated at the private hospital's fees less the Nova Vida daily rate.

  • How long will I need to be in treatment?
  • The length of time you will need to be in treatment is individually assessed. Research has indicated that the longer you remain in treatment the greater the chance you have of a positive outcome. We hope patients will remain in treatment for at least 28 days but in some cases it may be clinically indicated to stay longer and for patients with other mental health problems a stay of up to 56 days may be recommended. For patients who are admitted to Nova Vida following a relapse we offer a 21 day Relapse programme which includes a series of purpose written assignments as well as, where indicated, the ERP programme. For inclusion of ERP you will need to commit to 32 days. You will not be asked to sit through the same programme you recently left which is, unfortunately, the case in many treatment programmes centres.

  • What if I need more treatment after the initial 28 days?
  • Your progress is discussed with you on a regular basis throughout treatment and when it is felt further treatment would be of benefit the options are thoroughly explored. These options vary from staying an extra week or two at Nova Vida, admission to one of the many aftercare options or admission to a specialised facility for intensive treatment.

  • Can I bring my Laptop?
  • Our goal is to have you fully involved in the addiction treatment programme without outside distraction. Limited internet and email access is available subject to the agreement of your therapist. There is no access to social networking sites during treatment. Where there is a demonstratable need to keep in contact with your business you may bring your laptop. Access to the internet is via the Nova Vida Wi-Fi or ADSL systems. Any access can only be permitted after the core programme hours which is usually after 2pm. We will of course take into consideration time zone differences for patients from outside of Europe. PERMISSION TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP MUST BE DISCUSSED WITH THE CLINICAL TEAM PRIOR TO ADMISSION.

  • Can I bring my mobile Phone?
  • Your mobile phone will be taken from you on admission and held safely until your discharge. Access to it during treatment will be restricted to making your 15 minute voices calls every evening after the first 3 days of treatment. We do however take into account the time differences for patients from other time zones. International call cards, greatly reducing the cost of international mobile phone calls, are also available for your private 15 minute evening call.

  • Can I Bring my Pet?
  • We regret that we are unable to accommodate patients' pets during their owner's stay with us.

  • Is smoking permitted?
  • Smoking is permitted in designated smoking areas outside the building. Smoking is never permitted inside. For those who wish to break this addiction while they are with us we will offer all help possible to do so. For many it is an ideal time to stop smoking.

  • Can you cater for special dietary needs?
  • We can cater for all religious and medical dietary needs providing you give us adequate notice. We will also cater for reasonable likes and dislikes. We do not however cater for 'fad' diets believing that we offer a balanced diet offering something for everyone.

  • Does Treatment work?
  • We believe treatment can be successful if, Patients attend aftercare for the 12 months following treatment. Patients connect to AA/NA/CA/OA/EA. Attend all therapeutic/psychiatric follow-up [if arranged]. Convert what they have learned at Nova Vida into action. Build their own support network. In many cases relapse occurs when one of the above has not been followed.

  • Why should I consider treatment in Portugal?
  • Treatment overseas can be very cost effective providing the quality of the programme is equal to or surpasses that available at home. Nova Vida believes that we meet those criteria and whilst good weather is not necessarily a vital ingredient in treatment it does help the mood when the sun is shining and the sky is blue. The other advantages are that being out of the familiar environment that is full of triggers and memories of drinking and using can help break repetitive patterns of behaviour and prepare you for return when the time is right.

  • What exactly IS addiction?
  • Addiction is a progressive illness with on average one in ten of the adult population of western countries suffering from either an addiction to a substance such as drugs or alcohol or a behaviour such as sex or gambling. Research indicates that addiction is a illness that affects the body, the mind, the spirit and the social aspects of those afflicted. Addiction is the dependency on a chemical or behaviour in order to cope with everyday life with its symptoms laying in the 'need' to use alcohol or drugs or behave in a compulsive way rather than a 'want' to do these things.

  • Why do you treat addiction as a disease?
  • Addiction, Eating Disorders and Emotional Illnesses are seen as Primary Chronic and Progressive Diseases: Primary because they are an entity in themselves; Chronic because the illnesses remain in remission and Progressive because symptoms and consequences continue to occur with increasing severity as use continues. They follow a predictable course. Addiction has long been accepted in the US medical profession as an illness and increasingly so in Europe. It is not dissimilar to many other illnesses and like many illnesses it is treatable.

  • Is this illness genetic?
  • There is increasing evidence to support the genetic theory of addiction but not all become addicted because of genetics. The risk for developing addiction does run in families (Research shows that children of alcoholics are about 4 times more likely to develop alcohol problems). The genes a person inherits partially explain this predisposition but lifestyle is also a factor. But risk is not destiny.

  • What is the 12 Step Programme?
  • The 12 Steps has its origins from 1935 and the self-help groups that have developed from the origins are flourishing today in almost every country in the world. The 12 Steps are a programme of principles which if followed offer recovery from addiction, compulsion or other behavioural problems. The 12 Step approach has shown through research to be the most effective way of treating addiction for the majority of people. If offers a network of support for life for those in recovery or would like to be in recovery and holds meetings throughout the world and in most large cities many times a day.

  • Are the 12 Steps based on religious principles?
  • The 12 Steps are not religious and work equally well for atheists and agnostics as well as those who have a strong religious belief. They are a spiritual set of principles which is a lot different from religion. Spirituality is about how you think and feel about yourself, those that matter to you and the world in general. It is that relationship, which is individual, which is the spiritual aspect of the programme.

  • Can I have visitors?
  • Yes. Visitors are not allowed during the first 7 days of your treatment. After this 'settling in' period visiting is ok Sunday afternoons only. We will encourage close friends and family to participate in the Family Programme every weekend, following which there will be time for you to spend together to begin to heal any relationships with your family and friends that may have been damaged by this disease. Anything your visitors bring in for you will have to be opened in front of a member of staff on duty.

  • What can I expect when I am admitted?
  • We will ensure that you are welcomed by the staff and introduced to other residents. You will have a full medical examination, blood screening and an appropriate detoxification regime if indicated. A psychiatric assessment can be useful in looking at helping other symptoms such as depression.

  • What say will I have in my treatment?
  • Abstinence based "12-step" treatment probably has the best outcome of any intervention in addictive disorders. Each patient has an individual care plan but the emphasis at Nova Vida is on group therapy which is usually the best way of tackling this illness. The care plan is reviewed on a weekly basis. Individual issues, which are not appropriate to be discussed in group, can be discussed in 1:1 sessions. It is expected that patients adhere to the rules and expectations of Nova Vida Recovery Centre.

  • Can you arrange my travel?
  • Travel to Nova Vida is simple and with the abundance of lowcost airlines flying into Faro from around the Europe you may wish to make your own arrangements. However, if you find the Internet daunting or you are inexperienced in making your own travel arrangements let us take away the strain. On receipt of a deposit, we will make your travel arrangements for you and all you need to worry about is arriving at your home airport in good time for departure.

  • Will someone pick me up at the airport?
  • A member of the Nursing team will meet you at the airport and bring you to Nova Vida for admission. We will also take you back to the airport following your completion of the programme.



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