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About Us

The name Nova Vida reflects our goal for every patient to help them begin a new life. Our programme design incorporates the best of traditional and progressive treatment programmes offered around the globe. It is constantly up-dated reflecting new research as well as our own experiences. Our goal is to offer you and your family high quality...

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Comfortable facilities are an important aspect of a patient’s stay and we have done all we can to identify an environment that is tranquil, homely and suitable for the joint therapy and living needs. Situated away from the coast in a semi-rural area, balconied...

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Nova Vida provides you with quiet time away from the stress and distractions of modern day living. This quiet time can be used for reflection, contemplation, meditation and reconsideration of life goals and dreams, essential for creating a new life. A period of time away from the substance, behaviour or trigger is also essential...

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Mission Statement

In common with many organisations Nova Vida Recovery Centre has a statement of purpose or ‘Mission Statement’ which guides the actions, spells out its overall goals, provides a sense of direction and guides decision making for all who work for the Centre. Essentially it is our reason for being and where we would like to be in the future...

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Andrew M Vincent

Co-Founder, Chief Executive & Clinical Lead

Andrew, one of the Founders of Nova Vida Recovery Centre, has been involved in the addictions field for the past 15 years, training at Clouds House and Broadreach. Broadreach House before joining Priory Healthcare in 1998...

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Dr Jana Avani

Bsc (Hons) DClinPsy, CPsychol, AFBPsS. Psychologist and CBT Therapist

Dr Advani is a London trained clinical psychologist with over 10 years of research and clinical experiences which she mainly gained in the NHS but also within the academic and private sectors...

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Emanuel Anunciação

Equine Assisted Psychotherapist

Emanuel trained in additions treatment with Hazelden in Ireland and after graduating worked with the Sao Fiel Treatment Centre in Portugal before joining the Atitude Addictions Consultancy team as their representative on the Algarve....

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Sally Vincent

Co-Founder & Business Development Manager

When Nova Vida was just a green shoot of an idea Sally was busy burning the midnight oil trying to find the site, planning the set-up and encouraging the team. She single handedly reduced a 5 year plan to 5...

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Nurses and HCAs


Nova Vida and its patients have benefited from a strong and loyal nursing team, the majority of whom have been with us since the beginning. Ellie, Judi, Doris, Don and Tanja are our main nursing team and are all professionally qualified...

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Alex Flood

Co-Founder & Consultant Clinical and Treatment Advisor

Alex trained on the Priory Addictions Training Course and at the Priory Hospital Sturt and Farm Place, graduating with a Post-Graduate Diploma in Addictions Counselling. She is also certified in Motivational...

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D for Dog

The Boss

‘D for’ has seven brothers and sisters but it was soon apparent he was the one who stood out in the crowd. Perhaps it was the absence of a tail from birth, his sweet nature or his jet black colour, there was just something about him that attracted...

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